Tips from the Lab: 10 Design Tips for Better Signage

10 Design Tips for Better Signage
Signage can help your business stand apart from the competition. Improving the design can be the extra nudge to convert a passerby into a purchaser. Here are 10 tips to consider when you design your next business sign.
Color Increases Attention Span and Recall
Keep the Most Important Information in the Center
Use Color to Influence Perceptions
Keep Only the Essentials
Use White Space to Draw People's Attention
High Color Contrast Improves Recall
A Call-to-Action Encourages People to Act
From 50 to 100 Feet, You have 5 Seconds to Make an Impact
Sans Serif Fonts are Easily Visible from a Distance
Market to your Target Audience

Posted in Design on Jun 19, 2017