Our Leather gallery wraps provide the opportunity to take your signage to the next level in luxury display. Your sign will assume the unique texture of our leather and display an unparalleled richness in your office or business. Our Leather gallery wraps are free of lead, acid, and artificial optical brightening agents, allowing the natural beauty of our leather to support the beauty of your photos.
The fiber content of our European bonded leather is comprised exclusively of cowhide fibers. The fibers are bonded together primarily by natural latex, a renewable resource harmlessly tapped from the Havea trees. A minimum of 70% of the total content of our leather is leather fiber and approximately 30% is non-leather substances, principally the natural latex.
Our leather is environmentally friendly and consistent – free of natural defects.

 Product Details + 

  • Printed on Spanish bonded leather
  • Solid-front construction to prevent sagging and stretching
  • Eight Color inkjet printing
  • Finished backing & ready-to-hang
  • 1-1/4” Depth

 Production + Shipping Info + 

Production Time: 4 business days + ship time