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Underwater School - 24"x48" Coloring Wallpaper Collection


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Printed on high quality adhesive paper, you can quickly install your wallpaper by peeling off the paper backing and smoothing it onto your wall. Give kids what they want: a chance to color on the wall without getting in trouble! Fill the walls of your home or office with stress-relieving Coloring Wallpaper that's great for kids of any age and is easily removable when you're ready for a new look. Cover a wall or simply accent part of it with a single strip. Our Coloring Wallpaper package comes with a set of fine tip markers included.

 Product Details + 

  • Printed on Removable high quality adhesive paper
  • Bic Mark-it® Markers - 12 count Included
  • Easy to install
  • Size: 24”x48” (8 sq. ft.)

 Production + Shipping Info + 

Production Time: 4 business days + ship time
Coloring Markers will ship separately

Standard Options: Markers

Shipping Weight: 3.000 lbs.

Sku: 1811