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LIBERTY - 20"x30" Outdoor Floor Graphics


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Floor graphics are a creative way to let customers and clients find out about exciting news and promotions regarding your business. Floor graphics are an eye-catching way to garner attention and market your brand. Perfect for stores, malls, offices, or other walkways with non-porous surfaces, floor graphics are a stylish and cost efficient way to showcase your business to anybody who passes by. They’re scratch and slip resistant, making them ideal for high traffic areas. Each floor graphic is printed on vinyl that’s backed with an adhesive that binds to non-porous flooring, such as commercial tile, sealed concrete, linoleum, and more. Our outdoor floor graphics are designed for durability and removability up to 12 months after installation with proper placement and care.

 Product Details + 

  • Scratch and slip resistant
  • Includes installation squeegee
  • Long lasting fade-resistant UV inks
  • Full color edge-to-edge printing
  • Printed in the USA

 Production + Shipping Info + 

Production Time: 4 business days + ship time

Standard Options: Squeegee CA

Shipping Weight: 2.368 lbs.

Sku: 3918